Wire Rope Slings


Wire rope slings are a type of lifting sling. The end fitting includes soft eyes, thimble eyes, and a big range of hooks. The legs on the sling can range between having 1-4 legs with the number of legs determining what weight and sized item the assembly can carry. The maximum safe working load can also accommodate different sling methods which is another reason you need to give consideration to what you want the slings to carry as the number of legs can vary depending on the weight of the load.

The main difference between these slings is the end types and it's important you check the end types as different ones can do different tasks.

There are 11 different types of endings that can be used which include; fused and tapered, ferrule secured thimble hard eye, ferrule secured soft eye, flemish eye, captivated shackle, aster ring, sling hook, self-locking hook, foundry hook, swivel sling hook, and swivel self-locking hook.

All these wire rope sling endings offer something different to accommodate your required load and it's important that you get the right one. If you're unsure about what sling ending is right for you, please contact Lifting Equipment Store USA so we can assist you in purchasing the right ones.