Chain Slings & Lifting Chains

Chain slings are available in various grades and materials. They are reasonably heavy, however, they are exceptionally reliable to get the job done. Slings are used to make sure the load limit of the sling is greater than the actual load being used.

There are various types which include the single-leg, the double leg, and multiple leg slings. In terms of legs, it means the number of chains hanging off the sling itself. We've given a brief breakdown of what the different leg slings mean for the chain slings capabilities and what each different leg sling is capable of doing.

  • Single leg sling: The single leg sling means there is one leg. Single leg slings are ideal for light weights and small items due to handling the weight off one sling.

  • Double leg sling: The double leg sling is needed when the single leg sling is not enough. The legs need to equally have the same amount of weight on each side so that it is in equilibrium. This is to ensure equal distribution of weight.

  • Multi-leg sling: The multi-leg sling is used when more than 2 legs are required. This is to even out heavier loads and to handle loads that perhaps the other slings could not quite handle. There may be 3 or 4 legs on this sling depending on your purchase. The weight is equally distributed to ensure when lifting the weight does not tumble over and giving you a balanced lift.

If you have any questions on which chain sling you should purchase, please contact a member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team to assist you with finding a lifting sling that is right for you.