This unique 3 in 1 drum handler facilitates easy lifting, rotating, and dispensing of steel, plastic or fiber drums (accessory required for plastic and fiber drums- call for details). Controlled via a hand-operated pull-chain that links to a 30:1 gearbox to enable steady and controlled tilting and turning of drums through 360 degrees.

Lift, rotate and dispense from steel drums without any additional attachments, for plastic drum handling use a Top Rim Clamp option if the drum is a rimmed 55-gallon type, for rimless plastic and fiber/cardboard drums use a Bracket Assembly Option whilst special diameter drums should be handled using a diameter adaptor- all of which are available from LES.

Full drums vs. half-full drums make all the difference- the Morse Geared Pouring Drum Lifter offers a full drum capacity of 800Lb (363kg), whilst offering a half-full drum capacity of 500Lb (227kg). You can be assured of quality when purchasing this item since every Morse below the hook handler is individually load tested at 125% of the rated capacity in line with American National Standard ANSI/ASME B30.20 and is supplied with a Load Test Certificate.

  • Rated load markings and unique identification
  • Minimum safety factor 3:1
  • Available with MORStop tilt-brake function to enable full hand-off stability of the load
  • Operated by endless hand chain
  • Rotates through 360 degrees
Model # Description Domestic
Ship Weight
Ship Dimensions
185A Sized for 55-gallon steel drum (210 liter steel drum) 81 Lb. (37 kg) L40" W10" H39" (102 x 25 x 99 cm)
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