360° Revolutionary Hoisting- From Any Angle

Manufactured with innovation, safety and longevity in mind, the CM Hurricane Chain Hoist hand chain can be operated 360° from any angle, This patented chain cover design enables use in tight spaces, above the load and in drifting applications, furthermore, the operator is able to maintain a safe distance from the load all times.


Engineered to be tough in demanding applications- heat treated steel internal gears and pinions provide optimal strength and service life, a precision 4-pocket liftwheel and a matching chain guide provide a superb fit for perfect chain alignment which in turn reduces wear, whilst on the outside a powder-coated finish issues added protection against corrosion.


The Hurricane 360 Hand Chain Hoist is fitted with a Weston-style braking system to complete the hoist as a reliable performer with a positive load control. As standard this Chain Block is fitted with a load limiter to prevent injuries due to accidental overload.


Trust In CM

You can be confident when purchasing a CM Hurricane block from LES since it comes with a manufacturers lifetime warranty and meets the requirements of ASME B30.16 and the European CE standard. 


Maintenance Friendly

Easy maintenance via standard tools with quick access to parts ensures this world-class product lives up to its expectations. LES offers genuine CM Hurricane 360 parts via Total Repair Kits.

* "Less Chain" means that there is no load chain included, be sure to select the 'Lift' from the drop-down menu.


Need Something Else?

Available with a variety of options such as chain containers, zinc-plated load/hand chains, Latchlok hooks and without the standard load limiter upon special request, the CM Hurricane 360 Hand Chain Hosit is also available in different variations that include Integrated Beam Trolleys with various designs as well as Corrosion Resistant finishes and ATEX Explosion Protection and Spark Resistance.

  • 360° Rotating hand chain guide
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Heat-treated internal gears and pinions
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Standard 10ft lift
  • Hook mount suspension
  • Lifetime warranty
C5623A 1,102 10 1 11.81
C5624A 1,102 15 1 11.81
C5625A 1,102 20 1 11.81
C5626A 2,205 10 1 13.19
C5627A 2,205 15 1 13.19
C5628A 2,205 20 1 13.19
C5629A 4,409 10 1 15.55
C5630A 4,409 15 1 15.55
C5631A 4,409 20 1 15.55
C5632A 1,102 0 1 11.81
C5633A 2,205 0 1 13.19
C5634A 4,409 0 1 15.55
C5635A 6,614 10 1 20.47
C5636A 6,614 15 1 20.47
C5637A 6,614 20 1 20.47
C5638A 6,614 0 1 20.47
C5639A 11,023 10 2 25.75
C5640A 11,023 15 2 25.75
C5641A 11,023 20 2 25.75
C5642A 11,023 0 2 25.75
C5643A 22,046 10 3 32.48
C5644A 22,046 15 3 32.48
C5645A 22,046 20 3 32.48
C5646A 22,046 0 3 32.48
C5651A 1,102 30 1 11.81
C5653A 2,205 30 1 13.19
HU15000H10 33,069 10 6 43.54
HU15000H15 33,069 15 6 43.54
HU15000H20 33,069 20 6 43.54
HU15000H30 33,069 30 6 43.54
HU20000H10 44,092 10 6 43.54
HU20000H15 44,092 15 6 43.54
HU20000H20 44,092 20 6 43.54
HU20000H30 44,092 30 6 43.54
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