With Dual Speed functionality, this Bison 3 Phase Electric Chain Hoist is perfect for controlled lifts. This can be done using a slower speed to control the lift and the faster speed for efficiency, especially when handling fragile and sensitve loads.


A great feature you get from purchasing Bison’s three-phase electric chain hoists with trolley is using the latest technology it comes equipped with to give you and the operators a smooth and fantastic lifting experience for heavy-duty hoisting applications. This particular hoist with trolley from Bison has an aluminum body that can be either hook mounted or fitted for a motorized trolley giving you the convenience of what works best for the applications you need to use the hoist in and come with chain containers as standard.


These three-phase hoists are ideal if you are lifting loads in a variety of different environments thanks to the product being adaptive to various situations and featuring upper and lower limit switches to control operations. The Bison three phase hoists has a compact design which allows you and the operators to operate it in situations with low headroom.


The body of the hoist is completely sealed with an IP55 rating for protection against water and dust ingress which gives you and the operators another level of confidence that you’re using reliable and durable equipment that can meet high standards. To ensure the motor of the Bison three phase hoist operates smoothly, it comes with a strong H4 heavy duty motor, cooling fans, and standard thermal motor protection. This particular hoist comes with a high strength FEC grade 80 load chain that greatly reduces wear and fatigue to the chain links. You can get this Bison hoist in dual voltage for the various applications you might need to use it in which include in a 230v and 460v.












  • 230 and 460 voltage 
  • Friction Clutch Overload Protection
  • Aluminum Body
  • -4 to 104 Farenheit Conditions
  • Pull-Rotor Motor Brake
  • Limit Switches
  • External Motor Fan
  • Overload Relay/Phase Reversal Relay
  • Container for Chain
  • Forged Swivel Hook
  • Quick Access for Electrical Panel




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5 Ton 3 Phase Dual Speed Electric Chain Hoist With Motor Trolley



Pallet - 40x48x39