Bison’s single-phase electric chain hoist is a great addition if you deal with and need to do heavy-duty lifting. This particular chain hoist is durable and capable of handling heavy loads while also being lightweight for flexible and easy use. You can use the Bison single phase electric chain hoist in two ways which include being top hook mounted or fitted for a motorized trolley.


The Bison single phase electric chain hoists we have available at LES USA come with 20ft lift and 16.9ft pendant length and chain containers as standard on all models we offer. You can get your Bison single phase electric chain hoist in dual voltages which are 115v and 230v.


These hoists from Bison are great whether it’s for your weekend garage hobby or for being a reliable, durable, and robust hoist that you need to lift multiple heavy-duty goods on a daily basis in your businesses floorspace.








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2 Ton Single Phase Electric Chain Hoist



22" x 20" x 17"