Electric Chain Hoist 1 Ton 110v/230v

Bison’s Single-Phase Electric Chain Hoist is a perfect choice if you regularly undertake heavy-duty lifting tasks. This particular chain hoist is super-durable and capable of handling heavy loads, whilst also remaining lightweight for flexible and easy use.

You can use your Bison Single-Phase Electric Chain Hoist in two ways: either top hook mounted or fitted to a motorized trolley – see ‘Related Products’ for trolley options.



All single-phase electric chain hoists come wired for 115v power supply, direct from the factory, but can also easily be adjusted should your facility operate with 230v power outage.


Bison single-phase electric chain hoists are also fitted with high-quality electrical components from world-renowned manufacturer, Schneider – ensuring that your chain hoist can achieve and maintain the highest levels of performance and safety, over a long period of time.


Suitable for operation in temperatures ranging from -4°F right up to +104°F, we recommend that you keep humidity at around 85% or less for the most efficient performance.



The integration of a friction clutch boasts complete overload protection, preventing users from exceeding the hoists rated lifting capacity.


As part of your Bison single-phase electric chain hoist the exceptional electromagnetic AC brake has been specifically designed to increase service life. How this works is, when no power is applied, the brake is at full lock. When the direction button on your pendant control is pressed, an electronic signal is sent, releasing the brake so that the chain wheel can be turned by the motor and lift/lower the load.


Upon release of the button, the brake releases and locks back into a position that prevents any movement of the chain wheel, reliably holding the load in place. In the event of a power failure, the brake automatically engages, supporting the load in its current position, until the electrical power can release.


The range of Bison Single-Phase Electric Chain Hoists available from LES USA come with a 20ft lift and 16.9ft pendant length, with chain containers as standard on all models.



All Bison single-phase electric chain hoists are IP55 rated, meaning that this product is protected against quantities of dust that could interfere with normal operation, but is not fully dust-tight.


In addition, the sleek pendant control is IP65 rated – meaning that it is fully dust tight, but can also withstand low-pressure water jets from any direction.



Built using Grade 80 case-hardened FEC Japanese Load Chain, chain that has earned critical acclaim and trust amongst its customers due to its superior strength, quality, and flexibility – all put through stringent quality control procedures to ensure only the highest performance.


Additionally, these units are fitted with both upper & lower mechanical paddle limit switches, designed specifically to stop the load chain from progressing past its safe limitation, boasting total reliability and safety.


The forged bottom swivel hook rotates 360-degrees, with the hooks notched to securely accommodate the heavy-duty cast safety latches.  Finished with a fixed position top hook.



Finally, each unit is fitted with a modern, ergonomically designed pendant control, complete with an easily identifiable emergency stop push button and a pendant cord that offers external strain relief. All pendant controls on Bison’s range of single-phase electric chain hoists are IP65 rated, meaning they are dust tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle.


So, whether you’re a weekend garage hobbyist or you’re looking for something reliable, durable, and robust for your warehouse or manufacturing facility, these hoists from Bison are just the ticket.



Why not make your onsite life more secure, efficient, and reliable by purchasing a pre-installed Universal Radio Remote Kit from Bison to work in unison with your Electric Chain Hoist? 


The Bison Q200 Radio remote Kit allows operators to control their hoists from a single wireless controller. But wait… you don’t get just one wireless transmitter, we’re offering you two wireless transmitters. The majority of suppliers only provide a single handset, so by purchasing this excellent add-on, you no longer have to worry about misplacing your handset, or those dreaded moments when a forklift runs over and shatters a handset and you have to wait a long lead time for a new one.


Its 24-264V control voltage also covers the majority of possible hoist control voltages used across the industry, and in all cases, our competitors will ask you to pay extra for voltage changes de to having to fir a different type of transformer. But why go through that extra hassle, and cost, when you can simply add on to your Bison Electric Chain Hoist purchase?


Boasting an impressive range of 300ft, adding to its safety element, this single-speed chain hoist remote kit has a frequency of 433MHz and is IP65 protected – meaning it has the highest level of dust protection and is also able to withstand low-pressure water jets from any direction – making it ideal for a wide range of scenarios and environments.


By selecting a pre-installed radio remote kit, you also receive an incorporated changeover switch fitted as standard. The advantage of having a changeover switch fitted to your hoist is that you can simply take it from pendant control to radio control in the switch of a button – allowing users to keep your pendant as a backup should it ever be required.


NOTE: When choosing the radio control kit add-on, we ship you both the pendant control station and wireless radio control kit, allowing you to choose your desired option via the selector (changeover) switch.


Included in your pre-installed radio remote kit is:


2 x handheld transmitters, 2 x protective rubber cases, 1 x receiver with cable end, 1 x anti-vibration mount, 4 x AA batteries, 1 x set of decals, 1 x user manual.





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1 Ton Single Phase Electric Chain Hoist



22" x 20" x 17"