Heavy-duty eye and eye web sling otherwise known as 2 ply Webbing Slings feature a duplex webbing (double thickness) ply to provide a heavier capacity than Single Ply Web Slings. 

Proudly manufactured in the USA with lengths up to 20ft (larger offline) and capacities up to 66,000Lbs at 12" width in basket formation. Twisted eyes at both ends, flat eyes on request.


Web Width No. of Web Plys Part Number Vertical Capacity Choker Capacity V.Basket Capacity Eye Length
1" 2 EE2-91 3,100Lbs 2,480Lbs 6,200Lbs 9"
2" 2 EE2-92 6,200Lbs 4,960Lbs 12,400Lbs 9"
3" 2 EE2-93 9,300Lbs 7,440Lbs 18,600Lbs 12"
4" 2 EE2-94 11,000Lbs 8,800Lbs 22,000Lbs 12"
6" 2 EE2-96 16,500Lbs 13,200Lbs 33,000Lbs 14"
8" 2 EE2-98 22,000Lbs 17,600Lbs 44,000Lbs 18"
10" 2 EE2-910 27,500Lbs 22,000Lbs 55,000Lbs 22"
12" 2 EE2-912 33,000Lbs 26,400Lbs 66,000Lbs 26"

Minimum 5:1 safety design factor.

IMPORTANT: All of our Web Slings and Round Slings are manufactured on demand (extremely quickly) to your exect order, right here in Houston, TX. The date of manufacture is also printed on each sling label, for these reasons all sling sales are final and cannot be returned or exchanged once ordered.