Introducing MagMate to our online store14th January 2022

Lift Magnets are becoming an increasingly popular item in the world of heavy lifting, and to cater for the demands of our loyal customers we have recently added the excellent range of MagMate lifting magnets to our extensive online portfolio.


Who are MagMate?

Part of Industrial Magnetics, Inc (IMI), the MagMate Group continues to push the boundaries when it comes to designing and manufacturing magnet lifting equipment for a wide range of industrial applications.


All tried, tested and proven across several industrial sectors, MagMate’s range of lifting magnets boast excellent lifting capabilities, and are gaining waves for their ease of use and ultra-convenience for those looking to lifting substantial weight in tight areas.


We are pleased to welcome the following to our online range, all available today, on lead times as short as 1 day: (Click each link below for further details, specification and pricing)