Electric Pallet Jacks

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Electric pallet jacks give you an option to move heavy items with ease within your warehouse or to another local location. Electric pallet jacks feature an electric forward and reverse mode which lets you push heavy goods with ease. Electric pallet jacks come with a hydraulic pump that helps you lift the loads in your workspace to your desired height.

The forks on the electric pallet jacks are 48 inches long and easily attach to your pallet to make for the simple moving of heavy goods. The electric pallet jacks we have available to you have two wheels that move smoothly and an ergonomic handle with a lever that turns easily for simple maneuvering around your workspace. As the electric pallet jacks are electric-based it means they are battery-powered. The electric pallet jacks we supply have easy battery access making them easy to remove and recharge.

We have a range of robust, reliable, safe, and easy to use electric pallet jacks which you can see in our product selection below. If you have any questions about what electric pallet jack is right for you and your business, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA today to see how we can provide the right solution for you.