Lifting Jacks

Lifting jacks are manually operated with the lifting action. There are hydraulic lifting jacks that use pressurized oil to raise the load via the worker's force on the handle. There are mechanical lifting jacks that do not use the hydraulics to lift the load but the mechanics within.  You can see the full range that are on offer for you to buy below.

We've given you a brief outline of the different types that are available. If you're unsure on what lifting jack is right for your business challenge, please get in touch with an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA today to see how our different lifting jacks can help you.

There are many types of Lifting jacks which include the following: trolley jacks, floor jacks, forklift jacks, high rise jacks, lorry jacks, and tractor jacks to name a few. You can see a number of these in our product selection below and if you need a certain product, please get in touch and we can see how we can accommodate your equipment needs.

The lifting capacities for lifting jacks vary with the max capacity being around 25 tonnes. You can get your lifting jacks to accommodate for your lifting needs. It's important that you do your research for what lifting jack you need before purchasing.