Forklift Truck Attachments


Forklift truck attachments can be used with your existing fork truck to improve its capabilities by allowing the forklift to lift, carry, crane, push, pull, hold, dispense, or clamp equipment that the forklift is being used for.

Can come in a variety of sizes as you might imagine due to the different attachments you can get to allow your forklift to do extra tasks like listed above.

Each forklift truck attachment is used to ease the lifting process, remove manual parts of the lifting process, and make sure it is safe for the workspace it is operating in. It makes the forklift have multiple purposes with the main specialized manufacturers in forklift truck attachments are Invicta which you can find below in our product selection below.

We can meet your bespoke needs with forklift truck attachments to enable you to do more so please get in touch with an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA to discuss your bespoke requirements.