Suspension Points

Suspension Points come in various different designs and capacities depending upon their application and intended functionality from static to traversing, indoor or outdoor- we offer a solution for all chain hoist suspensions.

Beam Clamps provide a static girder suspension clamping point for both electric and manual chain hoists needing to lift and lower vertically with no horizontal traverse, often used in shafts and construction projects or applications where horizontal movement is hazardous or simply unnecessary.

Manual Trolleys offer a great I-beam/girder suspension point with the addition of four wheels to enable manual travel. Available in a variety of designs such as a quick install 'screw' type, corrosion resistant and even a parking brake for applications where the hoist must be kept still such as on a vessel. Manual trolleys can be 'push' type where the operator simply pushes the load to move the hoist along the beam or 'geared' type that incorporates a hand chain and gearing to allow the operator to pull the hand chain and operator the traverse in the same way one operates a manual hoist.

Electric Travel Trolleys employ the same characteristics that their manual counterparts do but with the addition of an electric motor, often used for heavier loads and applications where a long traverse by hand can be tiring and counter-productive for the operator.