Round Slings

Round slings are a type of lifting safety gear. Round slings can be made out of polyester. If you need to move a high number of tonnes that need to be lifted then round slings can be useful for this situation as the polyester is of high strength making the round slings exceptionally reliable.

You can find out more about our round slings by reading the article we did on round slings labeled' '.

Round slings make the lifting process sturdy with the slings being robust meaning they are great for lifting jobs while making them reliable to get the challenge completed. Round slings can handle weight up to 300 tonnes and can be used as an alternative to using ropes and chains. This means that the sling itself is lighter making the round slings easy to transport compared to rope and chains which can be heavy and bulky which takes up extra space and weight where it might be completely unnecessary.

Round slings have various weight restrictions which is why we encourage you to please check to see which product accommodates the weight you require. Round slings are flexible and strong, but they do have a breaking point and if they go past this breaking point they will risk being snapped, damaged, unsafe to use, and cause potential health and safety concerns not just for you but other people.

Round slings come in various colors and are cost-effective making them a great item for you to buy in bulk and save even more. The lengths of round slings can vary so it depends on what materials you want to lift to determine which round sling is right for you.

You can see the full range of our round slings below and if you have any questions on which round sling is right for you, please contact a member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team where we will be happy to assist you with getting the round slings that are right for you.