Chain Binders & Lashing Chains

Chain binders are also known as load binders. Chain binders are links to tighten chains when securing a load for transport. Only use chains if your company does not mind scratches to the outside of the load since metal instead of polyester can scratch the exterior easy when transporting. You should consider using softer straps such as ratchet straps if this is a problem.

Lashing chains vary in size. The chain length comes in different sizes, the types of hooks can vary and they are normally made out of alloy steel. This makes them extremely strong. The minimum break load varies so we ask that you please check the products for details.

You can see our full range below. We ask that you please consider what weight you need to transport and what lengths you need the chain binders and lashing chains to be. If you're not sure what chain binders and/or lashing chains you need, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA to discuss what would provide the right solution for you.