Jib Cranes


Jib cranes are lightweight and are used on production lines. The safe working load is around 5 Tons, however, if you need a specialized or customized jib crane to handle a higher working load, please contact Lifting Equipment Store USA to see what bespoke solution we can do for you and your business.

All of the jib cranes we supply our customers are delivered with certificates of conformity and we always recommend that you get your jib crane(s) tested by a qualified lifting equipment inspector once you have them installed.

Here is an overview of what jib cranes can do for you.

-Where the jib is situated? Against the wall or on the floor.

-Manual and electric chain hoists can be used with jibs.

-Can withstand jib hoist suspension.

-The jib is able to rotate 180 degrees to 270 degrees.

-There will be a safe working load, and this depends on the jib.

You can see the full selection of our jib cranes below. If you need more information on what jib cranes can do for you or if a jib crane is right for your business problem, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store team to discuss your requirements.