Tax-Free Resale Purchases From LES USA

LES USA is registered to collect sales tax in the states mentioned below. If you are purchasing for resale in a state where we are registered to collect, you may choose to provide us with an official state-recognized Resale Certificate. This should be done by email by clicking here: Email Us Your Resale Certificate this must be fully complete and include our business name (Lifting Equipment Store USA, INC.), a description of the goods/services being purchased, your company name, your state-registered seller permit number, details of the purchaser, incomplete or incorrect forms are not accepted and each form is subject to checks by our finance department.


LES USA Collects Sales Tax In The Following States:


How To Purchase Sales-Tax-Free With LES USA

  1. Email your state-recognized Resale Certificate to our Resale department along with the list of products you wish to purchase along with your bill-to and ship-to addresses
  2. Await authorization of a tax-free purchase from our Resale team
  3. Once approved our team will send you a quotation/invoice along with an online payment link* to enable you to instantly pay online by credit card for your resale purchase

*We reserve the right to request payment by wire or ACH for any order.