Specifically designed for scenarios where lightweight portability is essential – for example confined space access situations – the PORTADAVIT Quantum (PDQ) from REID Lifting ticks all the right boxes, providing the exact amount of flexibility required for you to undertake your lifting tasks effectively, and more importantly, safely, in the workplace.


Available in two configurations (Stropped & winched ready), the innovative PORTADAVIT Quantum comes in two lifting capacities – 1100/550lbs & 1320/660lbs (Goods/Personnel) – making it highly versatile for a wide range of lifting situations.


The PDQ also supports one user for fall protection applications and has been tested to OSHA 1910 sub part 1 (.140) and OSHA 1926 sub part M.


Designed with easy radius adjustment (max. radius 47” – 1320lbs / 59” – 1100lbs), this unique mobile lifting device features a clean, anodized finish, increasing its corrosion resistance when exposed to the natural elements.


Thanks to a number of patented features, the PDQ has a one-piece retractable construction – that’s super lightweight we might add. When folded, the davit arm retracts, enabling the PDQ to be easily stowed away in a small, tight space, in the back of a vehicle, or around your site. It even comes with a convenient carry handle and storage bag as standard.


Extended life expectancy is guaranteed courtesy of the no weld construction – literally, zero elements are welded. This eliminates the potential of weld fatigue over time, reducing the risks of catastrophic failure, while increasing operator safety.


Finally, the double shackle head offers easy attachment of goods lifting accessories & fall arrest equipment further adding to its versatility. Please note that STROPPED versions are NOT SUITABLE for use with winches.


A wide range of sockets, bases, and extensions are available to use with the PDQ. See Related Products BelowNOTE: Bases, Sockets & Extensions must be purchased separately


It’s easy to see why the PDQ is gaining such popularity across the lifting industry, thanks to its incredibly easy set-up, with the use of just a single pin and zero specialist tools required.




In a nutshell, the PORTADAVIT Quantum from REID Lifting is an essential if you regularly lift goods and personnel across different locations on your site. Simply purchase a range of sockets, and install across your site and you can move when and where required.


It provides high levels of stability and user safety, significantly reduces a wide range of manual handling issues, and provides unrivalled versatility – WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?

  • Goods lifting capacities: 1100lbs & 1320lbs
  • Personnel lifting capacities: 550lbs & 660lbs
  • Stropped (Shackle only) & Winched versions available
  • Fall arrest: 1 person
  • Three radius adjustment points
  • OSHA compliant
  • Max. radius: 47” (1320lbs) & 59” (1100lbs)
  • Double shackle head for easy attachment of goods lifting accessories/fall arrest devices
  • Double sheave head for winches & SRLs (winched versions)
  • Winch connection points on column & backstay (winched versions)

  • What are the mounting requirements for Davit Cranes?
  • We can not determine mounting requirements. There may be local/state codes, concrete issues and other factors involved that we are not able to consider or calculate. We can however provide the crane reactions chart on (see cut sheet in downloads) showing the forces. It may take a structural engineer to determine if the customers foundation is adequate.