Now available to order direct from Lifting Equipment Store, it’s easy to see why REID Lifting’s PORTAGANTRY Mobile Lifting Gantry is taking the industry by storm. Heavy lifting life is made much easier with this versatile, lightweight, durable and completely portable solution.


Manufactured from extremely strong aluminum with an anodized finish for added corrosion protection, this award-winning design boasts an impressive 11,000lbs Goods Lifting Capacity, meaning it’s suitable for a wide range of applications and operating environments. In addition, it has a fall arrest capacity of 5,500lbs or 3 persons.


Highly portable, this version comes with 2x A-Frames (Tall 9ft 4 1/4in. - 13ft 3 1/2in.) and Beam Lengths options include 15ft and 18ft 1/2 inch. NOTE: Trolleys are to be purchased additional – select your preferred choice from the dropdown to the right of the screen.


Easy to assemble manually by a single user, with just four bolts, don’t be fooled by the simplicity and easy installation of the PORTAGANTRY – its robust components, flawless design, and true build quality guarantee optimal safety for all users.


But we’re not done just yet – why not customize your 11,000lbs PORTAGANTRY system with one of the optional extras below. All you need to do is select your choices from the dropdown menu’s and you’re away to undertake those heavy lifting tasks with ease.


  • Goods lifting capacity: 11,000lbs
  • Personnel lifting capacity: 5,500lbs
  • Fall Arrest capacity: Up to 3 persons
  • Anodized finish for increased corrosion resistance
  • OSHA & ANSI Z359.18-17 compliant
  • Range of optional extras available (select from dropdown menus)
  • Package includes: 2x A-Frame & beam
  • Comes with Ratchet Height Adjustment as standard