Commonly used throughout warehouses and workshops where steel 55-gallon drums require easy transportation. The Morse 55 Gallon Heavy-Duty Drum Dolly is manufactured in the USA from a steel frame and painted a vivid blue color. Stainless steel option available here.

The unit meets the requirements of most with a capacity of 1000Lbs (454kg) and is supplied with 4 swivel casters that are 3" diameter and 1.25" wide to provide a true heavy-duty design whilst the drum is transported at 4" above the floor.

Drum Dolly Model # Drum Size Dolly Weight Dolly Dimensions Domestic Ship Weight Domestic Ship Dimensions
14 Up to 23"
(58.4 cm)
20 Lb.
(9.1 kg)
28.5" Dia.
6.5" Tall
22 Lb.
(10 kg)
L25" W25" H5"
(64 x 64 x 13 cm)
  • Heavy-duty reinforced design
  • Made in the USA to the highest quality
  • Shipped fast!