Our Machine Moving Skate Kit- 24Ton includes as pictured, both the front steerable skate (1) and the rear trailing skates (2). This kit gives you everything you need to move a machine up to the weight of 24Ton efficiently and safely in an industrial environment.


Front Steerable Skate (1 included) Individual P/N: SSKT-12

The front skate enables steering of the machine, the rubber-lined top plate sits on top of steel bearings which allow for easy swivel/pivoting of the contact surface (which facilitates easy steering of your machine when loaded). Fitted with nylon rollers.

Dimensions: 21.5" W x 25" L x 46" H Unit: EACH Color: Blue
Material: Steel Warranty: 30 Days Weight: 202lbs
Roller Material: Steel Roller (qty.): 8 Wheel Diameter (in.): 3-1/2
Wheel Width (in.): 3-1/4 Style: Steerable Skate Height (in.): 4
Rubber Surface Length (in.): 16 Rubber Surface Width (in.): 8-1/2



Rear Fixed Trailing Skates (2 included with tie rods to keep them in line) Individual P/N: ASKT-24

The Rear Fixed Trailing Skates sit at the rear of the machine and provide a steady balance and heavy capacity. This set of two rear rollers comes with two steel tie-rods which slide in to the holes pictures on the sides of each skate, this enables you to keep them locked together in position, it also facilitates easy adjustment of the width they are set at. Fitted with a rubber surface to provide extra grip, these rear skates are complete with steel rollers.

Dimensions: 19.5625" W x 11.3125" L x 4.5" H Unit: PAIR Color: Blue
Material: Steel Warranty: 90 Days Weight: 173lbs
Roller Material: Steel Roller (qty.): 16 Wheel Diameter (in.): 3-1/2
Wheel Width (in.): 3-1/4 Style: Adjustable Slider Bar (qty.): 2
Slider Bar Length (in.): 48 Slider Bar Diameter (in.): 1 Rubber Surface Length (in.): 16-3/4
Rubber Surface Width (in.): 8-1/2


So how does it all work? 

*Friendly guideance: Firstly you'll need to jack up your machine using toe jacks, mechanical jacks, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic air bags or a crane. Once the machine is off the ground- position the skates accordingly, ensuring the steerable skate is at the front (normally in the center- additional steerable skates can be purchased if required, P/N: SSKT-12), and the rear skates are positioned at the back. Then simply lower the machine on to the setup, slowly and carefully- you want to avoid fast movements as shock-loading could occur. -Always read the manual and have a firm lift/move plan before carrying out any machine moving job. 

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