Large Hydraulic Furniture Movers are sold in pairs with a combined lifting capacity of 4000Lb. 

Simply work the toe of each unit under the side of your load, secure the included ratchet strap and carefully raise the load using the build-in hydraulic pump system. You can raise the load at both ends up to 10" to clear low-lying objects and obstructions. Once locked and loaded you can simply wheel the furniture movers and the load into the desired location.


These Large Hydraulic Furniture Movers are ideal for lifting and moving loads such as closets, safes, gun safes/cabinets, crates, statues, and more. Thanks to the wheels mounted on ball bearings, the unit easily swivels and the wheels pivot 180-degrees left or right. This is controlled by the handles at the top which although rotate through 180-degrees.


DO NOT BE FOOLED: There are alternative hydraulic furniture movers in the marketplace that offer a slightly cheaper price and a similar-looking item (you can tell this as the SKU will also differ)- many of these alternatives are manufactured in other factories and do not offer the same specifications (our lifters boast a 10" lift height, others in the market place offer just 3.9" lift height with the hydraulic jack positioned in an awkward location). This model right here is the original and the best you can find. LES has been supplying Large Hydraulic Furniture Movers throughout the globe for the past 10 years- we know what we're talking about when it comes to material handling.

  • 6" x 2" SWivel poly-on-steel casters
  • 190" long built-in ratchet straps on either side 
  • Full steel construction with durable yellow paint finish
  • Hydraulic lifting system enables up to a 10" lift
  • Sold in pairs and priced in pairs
Model MFM-4000
Load Capacity Lb 4,000
Lifting Height INCHES 10
Lifting Plate W x D   INCHES 23.62 x 2.5
Wheel, Polyurethane   INCHES 6
Overall Size   INCHES 49-1/4 x 25-1/4 x 10-3/8
Net Weight (pair) 189Lb