The 23 Ton ECO-Jack XR is a high quality hydraulic toe jack which has been designed and manufactured in Germany to a very high specification. An external 10,000 psi pump is required to operate the jack which is equipped with an integrated spring return system for automatic retraction of the lifting unit to the start position.
This makes the lifting process easier and faster, particularly when using more than one jack simultaneously, or when working in a confined spaced.

Using a patented lifting claw which can be adjusted with one hand.

Due to improved construction and high-quality material the weight has been improved by 30% compared to similar devices with a built in hydraulic pump.  Supplied with milled guides made with precision from high resistant quality material that guarantee exact lowering and lifting movement with low maintenance.

Strong swivel legs which secure the load to be lifting, preventing tilting of the machine lifter.

Type EJ230-3 XR
Part number 01 230 31 01
Capacity (lbs.) 50,600
Working pressure (bar/psi) 700/10,000
Claw height (inch) 1.2"
Adjustability (inch) 3 x 3.9"
Stroke (inch) 6.1"
Dimensions L x W x H (inch) 10.6" X 115.4" X 13"
Weight (lbs.) 134