The Self-Dumping Forklift Hopper made from Light Duty 12-gauge steel is ideal for every day as well as occasional collecting and dumping of waste.


Automatically dumping when the bumper release contacts the front of the dumpster and automatically returns to the upright and locked position after it dumps. In addition, the self-dumping forklift hopper also includes a cable that may be operated from the seat of the truck to avoid the driver having to leave his seat- this added level of safety is a customer favorite.


A safety restraint is provided to secure the hopper to the truck, giving yet another level of safety.


Fork pocket sizes are 7-1/2"W x 2-1/2"H. This Self-dumping hopper facilitates compliance with OSHA General Industry rule 29 CFR 1910.178(m)(5)(iii) by allowing lift truck operators to remain at the controls of their truck throughout the dumping process.

Model (MPN) Size
D-25-LD .25 Cubic Yard
D-33-LD .33 Cubic Yard
D-50-LD .50 Cubic Yard
D-75-LD .75 Cubic Yard
D-100-LD 1 Cubic Yard
D-150-LD 1.5 Cubic Yard
D-200-LD 2 Cubic Yard
D-250-LD 2.5 Cubic Yard
D-300-LD 3.0 Cubic Yard
Model Number Image   Volume
Cubic Yards
Pocket Centers

Light Duty-12 Gauge Steel

D-25-LD   1/4 2,000 26"x51-7/8"x38" 18" 335
D-33-LD   1/3 2,000 26"x51-7/8"x38" 18" 340
D-50-LD   1/2 2,000 33-11/16"x51-3/4"x38" 18" 365
D-75-LD   3/4 2,000 31-11/16"x 61-1/8x 42-11/16" 18" 449
D-100-LD   1 2,000 41-11/16"x 61-1/8"x 42-11/16" 18" 479
D-150-LD   1-1/2 2,000 43-11/16"x 68-5/16"x 51-13/16" 28" 565
D-200-LD   2 2,000 56-11/16"x 68-5/16"x 51-13/16" 28" 613
D-250-LD   2-1/2 2,000 69-9/16"x 68-3/8"x 51-3/4" 28" 863
D-300-LD   3 2,000 81-3/4"x 68-5/8" x 51-13/16" 28" 920