The Codipro SEB Swivel Eye Bolt is an essential piece of rigging hardware. The Eye Bolts comprise of a GRADUP steel ring that has a rotation ability of 360-degrees for guiding and manovering even the most difficult of loads. If you are unsure on how to use the Swivel Lifting rings, a user manual will also be delivered with the product along with use recommendations.



Due to the raw materials used in Codipro's GRADUP steel range, the SEB has a very high safety factor of 4 and 5, which enables the breaking load to be 4:1 to 5:1 times greater than the capacity listed in our Specifications tab. This particular range of product is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 compliant meaning they are certified and are regulated to the highest level of safety standards. 



Codipro's GRADUP lifting rings consist of high quality raw materials allowing for the highest performance when lifting and turning. With corrosion resistant coating the lifting rings are suited to all weather and industrial conditions and resistant to salt spray for up to 600 hours (on unpainted parts of the device). For ease of tracking and compliance, the tightening torque and traceability number (serial number) are engraved.



At the forefront of Technology within the industry the research teams at Codipro have integrated compatability of their products with RFID (Radio Frequenecy Identification) allowing for true optimisation, traceability, quick data reading, management and tracking.


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