CM HTG Geared Beam trolleys are easy to rig using their screw-type clevis eye. Offering capacities up 20Ton and an optional wider beam flange (select from the drop-down menu).


Universally compatible with nearly every CM hoist, the HTG Geared Beam Trolley features anti-drop plates as standard for added safety. 

Model Product Code Capacity (ton) Min. Flange Width (in) Max. Flange Width (in) Flange Thickness (in) Min. Radius (in) Weight (lbs.)
HTG500 HTG050A 1/2 1.97 8.67 0.99 35.43 21
HTG1000 HTG0100A 1 1.97 8.67 0.99 35.43 25
HTG2000 HTG0200A 2 2.60 8.67 0.99 45.28 40
HTG3000 HTG0300A 3 2.92 8.67 0.99 55.12 78
HTG5000 HTG0500A 5 3.55 8.67 0.99 70.87 114
HTG500 HTG0500B 1/2 6.30 11.82 1.58 35.43 28
HTG1000 HTG0100B 1 6.30 11.82 1.58 35.43 31
HTG2000 HTG0200B 2 6.30 11.82 1.58 45.28 47
HTG3000 HTG0300B 3 6.30 11.82 1.58 55.12 86
HTG5000 HTG0500B 5 7.09 11.82 1.58 70.87 123
HTG10000B HTG1000B 10 4.93 12.21 1.58 70.87 229
HTG20000B HTG2000B 20 4.93 12.21 1.58 196.85 507


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