Camlok CLT Top Container Lifting Lugs

Top container fittings mount vertically in the top 4 corners of an ISO shipping container, they're easy to install by simply inserting and turning 90 degrees and are designed to eliminate the dangerous use of standard hooks which frequently result in accidents. The lugs are not to be used with a four-legged sling and should be used in conjunction with a lifting frame and single-leg slings.

WLL: 123,480Lbs per set of 4


Camlok CLB Bottom Container Lifting Lugs

Bottom/Side container fittings mount into the lower 4 side pockets of an ISO container, again, easy to install, simply insert and turn, a unique feature of the Camlok CLB is a spring loaded bolt that prevents accidental release so that the lugs cannot drop out when the slings become slack. This design eliminates the dangerous use of standard hooks, for maximum capacity use in conjunction with a lifting beam.

WLL: 88,100Lbs per set of 4


What else do I need?

You may require some shackles, two key factors to consider will be the size of the holes in the lifting lugs and their capacity, you'll want an anchor shackle with a pin diameter that will fit through the lugs comfortably, but also hold an equivalent (or higher) capacity. We recommend the CM Galvanized Carbon Anchor Shackles With Bolt, Nut & Cotter Pin, model MC857G (17T shackle with 1.63" pin diameter), these shackles also feature a bolt, nut, and cotter pin to ensure no risk of accidental opening, which is pretty handy when the going gets tough.

You may also require a lifting beam and additional accessories for which you should contact our expert sales team.

  • Design factor 4:1
  • Set of 4 lugs
  • Easy to use
  • For ISO shipping containers
  • Connect to shackles and slings
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