Synthetic Round Slings In Houston, Texas9th January 2021

All of our Domestically manufactured Synthetic Round Slings In Houston, Texas are available quickly right when you need them. Each sling is carefully sewn right here in Houston by our quality audited manufacturers who conform to our strict quality policy and meet the US standards with exceptional quality slings, every time.


A design factor of 5:1 provides the necessary industry-standard protection against accidental overload by boosting the breaking strength to five times that of the rated capacity. Orange vinyl tags with individual serial numbers and manufacturer traceability are carefully sewn on a buffer sleeve, these tags also contain essential capacity information which is necessary for safe use. 


Inspect your slings regularly before every use and ensure that they undergo periodic inspections by a qualified inspection body (us or your local rigging shop will normally take care of it) this ensures you stay compliant and more importantly, safe.