Do you charge sales tax?

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We add sales tax to qualifying products.

In order to bring you the very best shopping experience we often ship from various distribution centers across the country and out of state. This creates a sales tax Nexus for us in a high number of states and therefore, depending on where you are located we may or may not be obliged to collect sales tax from you. 

By heading to your shopping cart and after selecting your delivery state and entering the zip code our advanced system will take all the necessary factors in to consideration to determine if we will need to collect sales tax from you and at what % rate. This will automatically add the necessary amount to your bill prior to your approval and checkout.

Exempt from sales tax within the US? SEE "Can I use a Resale Certificate"

Can I use a Resale Certificate?

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You can use a resale certificate when purchasing from LES USA.

We accept most re-sale certificates from customers who are genuinely purchasing the product with the intention to re-sell. Our team will perform the necessary reasonable due diligence required to confirm that the items will be resold.

When shipping outside of the United States sales tax can be refunded if you are able to provide us legitimate evidence that the goods have been exported outside of the USA, alternatively, we can avoid adding sales tax initially by having LES handle the export and shipping of the goods outside of the country.

Can I order from outside of the US?

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Absolutely, our solid relationships with freight agents, couriers, and international airlines make it easy.

You can easily order goods from LES USA for delivery outside of the United States. Our network of global logistics partners deliver to almost every corner of the planet. Buy online internationally or contact our export department for a quotation.

Did you know you can purchase Tax-Free if you are outside of the USA? See 'Can I use a Resale Certificate?'

When will I get my goods?

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All of our product listings show an "Estimated Lead Time To Dispatch" and the delivery transit time is determined by the service you opt to select in the checkout.

Our aim is to deliver products throughout the United States fast and efficiently. Our website clearly displays "Estimated Lead Time To Dispatch" for every item, this is the time it takes to prepare the item for shipment. When you arrive at the 'Checkout' you are able to select the desired shipping service such as "Standard Ground Shipping 2-3 days".


If the product "Estimated Lead Time To Dispatch" is 2-3 days and you selected "Standard Ground Shipping 2-3 days" service you can expect that your order will be delivered within 4-6 days from the point of order.

For international orders, delivery times may differ, see our Shipping page

Can you provide proof of purchase?

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Yes, proof of purchase is supplied with each order.

Upon payment confirmation, our system automatically sends a tax invoice to your registered email address. We regret that we do not offer postal invoices in the US.

Do I get a certificate with my item?

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Yes, if applicable.

If applicable we will provide you with the necessary documentation/certification required for your products purchased from LES.

Can you price match or beat an existing offer?

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We always do our very best!

When it comes to pricing LES strive to be competitive and this means that we will always offer a fair price. Should you find an item cheaper elsewhere prior to your purchase let our team know here and we will do our very best to do better.

What is headroom?

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A term used in relation to lifting gear.

'Headroom' is a term used in relation to lifting gear to describe the distance between the lifting point and the highest point. Usually, this is in relation to hoists and refers to the distance from the bite of the load hook to the bite of the top hook (or where the trolley wheels sit on the beam). Commonly known as 'hook to hook' or 'beam to hook'.