Do you charge sales tax?

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We add sales tax to qualifying products.

In order to bring you the very best shopping experience we often ship from various distribution centers across the country and out of state. This creates a sales tax Nexus for us in a high number of states and therefore, depending on where you are located we may or may not be obliged to collect sales tax from you. 

By heading to your shopping cart and after selecting your delivery state and entering the zip code our advanced system will take all the necessary factors in to consideration to determine if we will need to collect sales tax from you and at what % rate. This will automatically add the necessary amount to your bill prior to your approval and checkout.

Exempt from sales tax within the US? SEE "Can I use a Resale Certificate"

Can I use a Resale Certificate?

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You can use a resale certificate when purchasing from LES USA.

We accept most re-sale certificates from customers who are genuinely purchasing the product with the intention to re-sell. Our team will perform the necessary reasonable due diligence required to confirm that the items will be resold.

When shipping outside of the United States sales tax can be refunded if you are able to provide us legitimate evidence that the goods have been exported outside of the USA, alternatively, we can avoid adding sales tax initially by having LES handle the export and shipping of the goods outside of the country.

Can I order from outside of the US?

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Absolutely, our solid relationships with freight agents, couriers, and international airlines make it easy.

You can easily order goods from LES USA for delivery outside of the United States. Our network of global logistics partners deliver to almost every corner of the planet. Buy online internationally or contact our export department for a quotation.

Did you know you can purchase Tax-Free if you are outside of the USA? See 'Can I use a Resale Certificate?'

When will I get my goods?

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All of our product listings show an "Estimated Lead Time To Dispatch" and the delivery transit time is determined by the service you opt to select in the checkout.

Our aim is to deliver products throughout the United States fast and efficiently. Our website clearly displays "Estimated Lead Time To Dispatch" for every item, this is the time it takes to prepare the item for shipment. When you arrive at the 'Checkout' you are able to select the desired shipping service such as "Standard Ground Shipping 2-3 days".


If the product "Estimated Lead Time To Dispatch" is 2-3 days and you selected "Standard Ground Shipping 2-3 days" service you can expect that your order will be delivered within 4-6 days from the point of order.

For international orders, delivery times may differ, see our Shipping page

Can you provide proof of purchase?

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Yes, proof of purchase is supplied with each order.

Upon payment confirmation, our system automatically sends a tax invoice to your registered email address. We regret that we do not offer postal invoices in the US.

Do I get a certificate with my item?

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Yes, if applicable.

If applicable we will provide you with the necessary documentation/certification required for your products purchased from LES.

Can you price match or beat an existing offer?

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We always do our very best!

When it comes to pricing LES strive to be competitive and this means that we will always offer a fair price. Should you find an item cheaper elsewhere prior to your purchase let our team know here and we will do our very best to do better.

What is headroom?

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A term used in relation to lifting gear.

'Headroom' is a term used in relation to lifting gear to describe the distance between the lifting point and the highest point. Usually, this is in relation to hoists and refers to the distance from the bite of the load hook to the bite of the top hook (or where the trolley wheels sit on the beam). Commonly known as 'hook to hook' or 'beam to hook'.

Does this include a winch?

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Yes, a manual spur-gear winch with an automatic brake mechanism is included.

Does the winch include a wire rope?

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No, the wire rope should be purchased separately. In order to determine the correct wire rope you should download the cut-sheet from the 'Downloads' tab and scroll to page 6. The wire rope can be found in the 'Customers Also Bought' section below. You can choose from galvanized or stainless steel.

Do I need a drill to use Speedbinders?

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Yes, a good quality 18-20volt torque-drive-drill like our Speedbinders Dewalt Drill Kit will be perfect.

Do Speedbinders Come In Different Sizes?

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Yes, we offer Speedbinders to fit G70 chain sizes 5/16"-3/8" or 3/8"-1/2" or 1/2"-5/8"

What's the max. 'take-up' with Speedbinders?

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The maximum 'take-up' with Speedbinders is 8". There is a maximum tensioning capacity for each model depending on the size of the chain:

  • 6000lbs (3/8" chain)
  • 9200lbs (1/2" chain)
  • 13000lbs (5/8" chain)

Can Speedbinders be tampered with?

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Not easily. A tool would be required to make an adjustment. A sealed gearbox protects against salty environments (especially good when trucking near the ocean).

What happens when the chains get tight? Is there kickback?

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There will be a slight bit of kickback grom the drill when getting to your tightest tension, holding the drill firmly with two hands will avoid accidentally dropping the drill or twisting your wrist.

Is the CM Lodestar UL Certified?

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No, the CM Lodestar is not UL Compliant, however- the CM Shopstar is UL Compliant.

What are the mounting requirements for Davit Cranes?

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We can not determine mounting requirements. There may be local/state codes, concrete issues and other factors involved that we are not able to consider or calculate. We can however provide the crane reactions chart on (see cut sheet in downloads) showing the forces. It may take a structural engineer to determine if the customers foundation is adequate.

Do I need to tighten Codipro Swivel Hoist Rings to a required Torque?

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Yes, it should be installed and tightened to the required torque rating, you can find the particular model rating in the Specification table since this varies per capacity.

Does it swivel under load?

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Yes, this item fully swivels under the full WLL capacity.

What protection coating does it have?

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Zinc coated protection and powder coated ring

What temperatures can they be used at?

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 Material developed for temperature between -20°C and +200°C:

From -40°C to -20°C loss of 20% of WLL

From +200°C to +300°C loss of 10% of WLL

From +300°C to +400°C loss of 25% of WLL

Does it include the nut

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No, there is no nut included as standard, however we can supply one on special request at additional cost 

*this may extend the lead time and needs to be ordered directly with our sales team

What material can this be used with?

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It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the supports and acccessories in contact with the swivel rings comply with the applicable standards and are compatible with the swivel ring’s WLL. The thread (Diameter and/or length) must be appropriate to the material in which it will be screwed. For your information, it is advised to use these followings coefficients (minimum):

1 x for steel (ST 37 minimum)

1.25 x for cast-iron

2 x for aluminium

2.5 x for light metals

What size/length should I tap the hole?

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When fastening in low resistance material, allow a bigger thread diameter to compensate for a lower resistance. The tap must be in accordance with standards in force and long enough to fit with the full bolt length. The user is responsible for calculating the bolt thread length as well as the resistance of the material of the part to lift. Only use compatible nuts and washers supplied by Codipro. The tapped hole must be clean, compliant to the standards in force and long enough to fit with the bolt length.