Machine Moving Skates

Machine skates and moving skates can be used to maneuver machinery around. Are simple to use and normally go on the bottom so that the machinery can be pushed around with ease.

The machine skates should rotate so that you can move your machinery around the workplace easier. Most can rotate at least 180 degrees if not the whole 360 degrees. There are high-quality machine skates and load moving skates that can move anything from 10 tonnes up to 100 tonnes, which we offer at Lifting Equipment Store USA. Credible and high-quality brands that create the skates are; Vestil, HTS, and LES.

There is a range of machine skates that we have on offer at Lifting Equipment Store USA and there is one in our range that we're sure will suit you and your business needs. If you have any questions please contact an experienced member of the team to discuss how your business challenges can be solved with machine skates.