Load Cells

Load Cells are used in lots of applications and come in various shapes and sizes, ours are designed for lifting and rigging, monitoring of complex loads and simple everyday lifts. 

Hook up to your existing crane or rig using shackles (we recommend Green Pin brand since they are readily available and great quality/value!).


Straightpoint Load Cells (Crosby)

Manufactured in the United Kingdom and distributed in the United States by LES USA, SP have got it on point when it comes to quality aircraft-grade aluminum crane load measuring sensors. Recently acquired by The Crosby Group, the Straightpoint range offers models with built in screens, hand-held displays or remote monitoring software to cater to every rigging need whether you are reading from close distance or far away. View realtime data or collect data via the remote monitoring software (data-logging) and view it later, whichever you decide, all of the SP Load Cells boast military acuracy and 5* quality assurance.


Types of Load Cells for sale