Lifting Magnets

Lifting Magnets are an efficient and innovative alternative to a traditional steel lifting clamp. Our magnets operate without power thanks to their permanent magnetic force (which can be turned on/off with the operation handle). Lift and transport steel loads such as sheet steel and metal plate as well as steel beams, girders and more with lifting capacities topping 5000lbs and special 'thin sheet' clamps for applications where thin sheet steel needs to be picked without accidentally collecting multiple sheets.

Lift flat and round objects (see loading charts for individual magnet capabilities) and hugely improve productivity without the need to attach rigging such as chains, shackles and clamps each time you lift.

Often used in steel mills, steel stockholders and process machinery applications. Multiple magnets can be combined with spreader beams and additional rigging, contact our sales team for specialist applications.

We proudly resell Mag-Mate products.