Horizontal Lifting Clamps

Horizontal lifting clamps for steel and plates help secure the material when lifted by the teeth of the jaws on the clamp. Horizontal lifting clamps are designed for the safe horizontal transportation of standard plates ideal for workshops and places where steel metal or plates have to be transported and lifted.

Multiple clamps can be used to move horizontally and secure a safe lift with the extra horizontal lifting clamps allowing increased stability when lifted.

The weight between the clamps should be equally distributed for the best lifting results. Companies that supply horizontal lifting clamps include Tractel, Crosby, GT, and Camlok, all of which Lifting Equipment Store USA stocks. These are reputable companies that offer high-quality products and you can see more details on each specific horizontal lifting clamp below.

Can vary with variations coming with rollers and smoother jaws for more delicate materials.

In regard to other clamps, the jaw sizes of horizontal lifting clamps can vary as do the working load limit so we always recommend you do your research before purchasing this type of clamping equipment.

Please get in touch with an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA if you have any questions on how horizontal lifting clamps can help your business.