Restraint Lanyards

Restraint lanyards are designed to prevent falls by stopping the wearer from reaching the hazard zone. Safety lanyards connect to a harness to a secure anchor point so that the worker does not fall to the ground and help prevent someone from falling at height.

You can see the full range of our restraint and safety lanyards below with different sizes and lengths to suit your activities. Lanyards work with safety harnesses which Lifting Equipment USA stock in different varieties for you.

Restraint lanyards are used on aerial work platforms with the lengths varying which means it's important to choose one that best suits you and your height activities. Fall arrest lanyards must be used where falls cannot be avoided as a health and safety measure to stop the person falling to an accident.

The maximum lifespan of a lanyard is 10 years and you should order new lanyards after this time has passed. These lanyards will reduce the impact and absorb energy from the fall when the person is in the safety harness.

If you have any questions about how you can use restraint lanyards, please contact an experienced member of the Lifting Equipment Store today. 

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