Fall Arrest & Restraint Gear

Fall arrests and fall restraints prevent people from reaching a hazardous area by forming a barrier between the person and the hazard. This is a safety precaution set up to protect a person who is at or working at hazardous heights. 

Fall arrest equipment can be in the form of a harness. Fall arrest equipment stops a fall that is in the process of happening.  It gives the worker freedom of movement. That being said, fall equipment stops the worker from being able to fall by being caught before descending which is the reason it can hold bodyweight relatively easily.

However, it's important to note that the equipment has to be set up to limit this distance able to descend to decrease the consequences of a fall. The risk of injury is high, so this equipment is imperative and it must fit well on the person wearing it. Fall arrests can consist of a body harness, anchorage, and a connector.

Fall restraints prevent people from reaching a fall hazard through a tie-off system. This should be considered before a fall arrest system. Types of restraints could include fixed-length lanyards. This length is important as it prevents the worker from being in a hazardous fall zone.  A fall restraint lanyard is connected to a suitable anchorage point and the other end is connected to the worker.

Knowing the difference is important so make sure you understand this before purchasing a fall arrest or fall restraints from Lifting Equipment Store USA.

If you have any questions about how a fall arrest and fall restraints work or if they would find use within your business, please contact a member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA today.