Height Safety Helmets

Height safety helmets come in a range of sizes and you can see the full range of height safety helmet products we offer below. We offer height safety helmets that are in different colours and have different shapes to accommodate to your head size and shape.

Height safety helmets have soft padding inside and a harder exterior. This is to avoid any injury from occurring if you hit your head or are struck by something falling. The robust shell of the helmet is made out of ABS and polycarbonate and should protect the worker from electrical risks that include being electrocuted and has energy-absorbing foam to add another level of safety to the height safety helmets. 

You can adjust your height safety helmet at the back and at the chin. Metal is often avoided in helmets to avoid corrosion and conductivity and this allows height safety helmets to last longer without needing to be replaced and allows the height safety helmet to protect someone for longer.

Some helmets will have metal exteriors, however, this is often avoided when working with heights that may be close to electrical lines and to protect the worker from any electrical risks.

You can see the Lifting Equipment Store USA range of height safety helmets below and you can contact an experienced member of the team if you need any help or advice on which height safety helmet is right for you.

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