Confined Space & Rescue Equipment

A confined space is a place that is substantially enclosed and where serious injury can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within a selected and may have a lack of oxygen.

There is an array of products that ensure a safe working environment for those who work in confined spaces. 

Confined space and rescue equipment includes:

  • Breathing apparatus
  • Vertical entry equipment
  • ATEX equipment
  • Confined space cover

Rescue equipment is used in situations that involve needing to get someone out of a hazardous situation. Some hazards such as liquids or poisonous gases may be present at all times, but others such as lack of oxygen or heat levels will only arise when the work is being carried out.

Confined space kits are designed to quick and efficient rescue operations that space is severely limited. 

A robust tripod and a man riding winch, which allows the user to be easily raised or lowered to safety in a controlled manner when a hazardous situation occurs, is a popular combination of products for confined space and rescue equipment. You will need a safety harness for this 

Lifting Equipment Store USA offers a number of confined spaces and rescue equipment which you can see below.

If you have any questions on what confined space and rescue equipment you might need for your business, please contact a member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA today. 

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