Anchor Points

An anchor point, or anchorage, is one component of a personal fall arrest system that is designed to prevent injury to workers should they fall from their worksite. You can see Lifting Equipment Stores range of anchor points in the product section below.

Anchor points fall under the connectors and accessories category of products which comes under the height safety section. You can see a range of products that suit being bought with anchor points by visiting these categories on the Lifting Equipment Store website.

An anchor point refers specifically to the point at which an anchoring device is affixed, fastened, tied, or otherwise connected to a support location. The support locations on anchor points vary and you should always check that the support locations and anchor points are going to be installed in stable locations. They have to be strong enough to support the falling weight of a worker attached.

If you have any questions on what anchor points are right for your business, please contact a member of the Lifting Equipment Store USA team today where they will be happy to help any questions you have. 

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