Double Girder Wire Rope Hoists

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Double girder wire rope hoists which are also known as crab units are similar to monorail wire rope hoists although have two girders or rows to operate on. This allows you to carry larger weight capacities with greater ease and movement. The double girder wire rope hoists come with single or dual speed capabilities as well as optional extended heights of lift. The double girder wire rope hoists are safe to use when moving heavy items internally through a workspace.  

The double girder wire rope hoists we supply can be matched with other items we supply to give you a more robust solution which might include being purchased with our radio control systems. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke lifting equipment to our valued customers which is why if you need a double girder wire rope hoists for your uniquely designed workspace, we encourage you to please contact an experienced member of our team to discuss how we can supply you with the goods to meet your specific needs. 

You can see the range of our double girder electric wire rope hoists below.