Electric Chain Hoists

Electric chain hoists provide a motorized chain lifting solution for industrial and entertainment applications up to 50Tons. At LES USA, we always want to supply you with only the highest quality powered chain hoists. This is why you will find a premium range from America's leading manufacturers such as CM, Coffing, Chester, Yale, Budgit, Harrington, and Stahl to name a few below. 

Our range is available to you in a variety of three-phase voltages that include 460v, 480v as well as 115v single phase 60Hz for domestic and lower voltage applications. You can choose the right product with ease thanks to our buyer's guide that you can read below.

If you would like to find out more about what electric chain hoists, how they work, and get a deeper understanding of how they can be used, you can check out our article 'How your company can benefit from using an electric chain hoist' where you get all this in an easy to digest format. 


Electric Chain Hoist Buyers Guide

Similar to when you go to buy almost anything, beforehand, there are considerations you will likely need to make. We understand that it's not always made clear what you need to consider which can lead to a misunderstanding and have questions that are specific to the application for your electric chain hoist. To minimize this risk to you, we've put together an easy-to-digest outline of the specification that is important for you to consider when purchasing your next electric chain hoist:

  • SWL - figure out how heavy you need to lift, you'll need to purchase a hoist well capable of taking the load you're lifting. Never lift heavier than your hoists rated SWL and always consider the suitability of the structure you're suspending the hoist on

  • Lifting Height - we recommend considering the lifetime of the hoist for this one, is the hoist going to be used in multiple applications? If yes then consider if these applications will require a longer lifting height- plan for the future, new calibrated load chains can be an expensive replacement if they're 60m long!

  • Supply voltage - here in the USA the most common supply voltage is 460v 3phase but we also offer 115v, 230v, and 500v options