ATEX Chain Hoists

ATEX chain hoists are a type of electric lifting equipment. They are aimed to be used in environments where explosive mixtures may be present that might include dangerous gases that can potentially combust to make an explosion. It's also likely you will find them in use when there is dust that is present on a working site due to the sparks or explosion possibility these bring. They are available in Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2, and Zone 22 protection levels. So there is plenty on offer.

There is a range of ATEX spark resistant chain hoists and trolleys available which you can see in our product selection below. ATEX chain hoists provide anti sparking protection to avoid any dangerous accidents from occurring where they are in operation. This means you can be reassured you've got safe electric lifting equipment in place.

If your work premises are an environment where sparks can, could, and do occur, an ATEX chain hoist might be a smart purchase for your company. Our customers safety is a priority to us and that's why we offer ATEX chain hoists which provide you peace of mind and offer great protection to you, your team, and anyone on the working site where sparks might be present. 

Before purchasing, it's a good idea to fill out a risk assessment form which will enable you to identify how high the risk of a spark explosion is at your place of work. Overall, there is a huge range of ATEX rated chain hoists, trolleys, and electric winches to suit a wide variety of ATEX applications from 125kg-50,000kg capacities.

You can see our full range of ATEX chain hoists below and get more information on each specific product and variation by clicking on the products below. If you have any questions on how an ATEX chain hoist works or look at if you need one, please contact Lifting Equipment Store USA today where a member of the experienced team will be happy to help. 

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