LES Product Categories

Innovating Lifting Gear Supply

Since 2018 LES branded Lifting Gear, Material and Drum Handling Equipment has been manufactured according to US standards, attention to safety and quality are paramount whilst having an ear to the ground provides a huge benefit in knowing what the end-user really needs in terms of practicality and budget.

LES was born out of Stourbridge, United Kingdom- known to be the most concentrated area in the whole of England for Lifting Equipment competitors, LES rose from the ground up as a manufacturing brand to solve unreliable supply chain issues for standardized products whilst persuing a vision to further the design of those products by implementing feedback from real end customers. Today LES lifting equipment such as Beam End Stops, Machine Skates, Toe Jacks, Hoists, Furniture Movers, and Slings are used on-site throughout the world in industrial and commercial industries such as oil & gas, logistics, marine, offshore, mining, manufacturing, farming and many others.