Do you use Truck Straps to secure your cargo during transit? Utilising this common technology is a smart and cost-effective choice to protect your freight, but it’s super important that they are used correctly to ensure maximum safety, reducing the risk of your load loosening, or worst case, falling off.

If you've ever had to load a CNC machine with parts, you know it can be a pain - especially if you don't have the right equipment. In this blog post, we'll show you how lightweight swing jibs can make the job much easier. whether you're an engineer, procurement director, or operations manager, this post is for you!

What is drum handling equipment?

A drum handler is a mechanism used to securely grip, lift and move various types of drums, pails, cans, and kegs – including steel barrels, plastic, and fiber. It has spring-loaded metal arms that create a tight and secure grip on the barrel of the drum.


Advantages of drum handling equipment Drum handling equipment is a great way to improve your company’s efficiency. Without the right tools, it can take a lot more time and effort to prepare, lift and transport incredibly heavy drums. Drum handling equipment eliminates the need to have strong and enduring workers who can manually handle drums, allowing for faster, safer, and overall better handling. If employees spend less time struggling to move heavy loads, there is more time to spend on completing the job to a high standard. They also reduce the potential for dangerous accidents, creating a...

What is a lever hoist?

A Lever Hoist – also known as a Come-along, Lever Block or Ratchet Hoist – is a piece of equipment that is used to lift, lower or tension heavy loads. These portable devices are incredibly useful in tensioning and can lift objects in most positions – including horizontally.

Lever hoists feature a handle attached to a block which has an internal ratchet and gear mechanism. The lever is cranked up and down to power these ratchets, while the direction of the internal gear is switched to facilitate the easy moving of loads up and down.

Lever blocks are important equipment used in garages or construction sites. They are made either from single or double fall chain configurations. The ideal configuration should be chosen according to the weight of the load to be lifted.


Advantages of a le...

What is a Thern Davit Crane?

A Thern davit crane is a crane system comprised of an angled beam set over an upright axis. They usually come with a single mechanical arm and are generally used to help operators safely lift or lower heavy objects such as boats or anchors. Though they are primarily used on ships and boats, they can be found across various industrial and construction industries. Davit cranes can be either hand or power-operated, and since they are designed for the sole purpose of lifting goods and machinery, they are generally unsuitable for carrying people.


Advantages of using a Thern Davit Crane

Incredibly strong

Thern davit cranes have been designed specifically for handling heavy loads alone, so they are exceptionally strong. All parts of a davit crane – from its arm to its anchors – are made of tough materials that are durable and strong, which makes the task of lifting and accurately placing heavy goods incredi...

About Thern Electric Winches: Everything You Need To Know


What is a Thern Electric Winch?

A Thern electric winch is a motorized device that is used for the lifting, hoisting, pulling and positioning of heavy loads up to 100,000lb. Typically, the electric winch will consist of a transmission system, which converts the motor power into a large pulling force; an electric motor, which provides power to the transmission system, turning the winch drum to wind the rope in and out, and a control system, which enables the operator to control the direction of drum rotation. This type of winch is industrial and can be mounted in various applications. Most commonly, they are used for pulling large loads like locomotives, conveyors and can be fitted to Therns range of Davit Cranes.



Advantages of using a Thern electric winch:

Thern electric winches come in a wide variety of base configurations, so it is both fast ...

Slings are a common piece of equipment to purchase especially within the construction industry.

There are several different types of slings such as wire rope slings, webbing slings, chain slings, round slings, and more.

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits these particular can bring to your business and help you.

If you are interested in other slings and their advantages you can read our blog post on ‘What are lifting slings and how do you use them?’.

If at any point you have any questions about what we're discussing in this article or any other product in general, then please can contact a member of the LES USA team who will be more than happy to help find you the ideal solution for you.

What are wire rope slings?

Nice and short answer - they are a type of lifting sling.

It's combined of several strands of metal wire twisted into a helix f...

You may have heard of winch ropes before, but do you know the advantages they can bring to your company? 

At Lifting Equipment Store USA (LES USA) we always want to make sure you can make an informed decision. That's why in this article we're going to outline what synthetic and winch cables are and what advantages you can get from having one at your disposal. 

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Let's kick off this article by asking the question... 

What are winch ropes?

There are two main versions of this product you can buy. The synthetic type and the winch cable. Synthetic versions are made from a cord of synthetic material that is woven together which makes these winch ropes ver...

It's extremely likely that you've heard of cranes as they are used all over for a range of applications from construction right through to transport. 

However, these are not the only versions that exist. Let's ask you this question: have you heard of davit cranes?

These are a fresh introduction to the range for you to add to your inventory. They come with a range of benefits and can be the solution that you need for your heavier lifting situations.  

At Lifting Equipment Store USA (LES USA) we always want to make sure you're fully informed before making a purchase and are getting a solution that's right for you. That's why in this article, we're going to outline what this new heavy lifting gear is and all the benefits that it can bring to your company. 

If you have any questions on this type of product, the wider range of winches we have avai...

If you have ever had to transport items, then you have likely heard of lashing equipment. However, you may not be aware of the advantages and safety precautions to take when using lashing chains and lashing points.

This article will highlight what the different variations are, briefly outline chains and points, the safety precautions to take when using this equipment, and the advantages these can have for your company. 

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What is lashing equipment?

Arguably the most important information for you to know about this handy piece of equipment is that it's versatile with a range of applications due to the different variations. Now, it's key to highlight to you that there are several different versions. However,&nb...

It is likely that you have heard of lifting slings but did you know there are several different types of slings? They are commonly used in many industries with variations including disposable, web, fiber, chain, wire rope, and round. Each version has its own advantages and is suitable for lifting loads. 

The team at LES USA always wants to make sure the focus is on the customer and helping you find the right solution. That's why in this article we're going to outline to you what chain slings are, how you can use them, the advantages you can get from using this version, and safety precautions you can consider before using them.

If by the end of this article you have questions on how one of these lifting solutions can help your specific business challenge, please contact a friendly member of the LES team who will help you get the possible solution(s) for your business. 

What are chain slings? ...

You may have previously heard of winches, but do you know there are several different types that you can use? Are you aware of what they do? And do you know how to use them safely?

Well if you do, that's great and there will likely be a number of points that will give you even more insight into the knowledge you already have.

And if not, you're about to become a pro on understanding this equipment and where to use them. 

If at any point during the article you are wondering how electric winches can help your situation specifically, please contact a member of our LES USA team, who are more than happy to help guide you through your options.

Let's start with understanding this piece of equipment by asking the following question... 

Electric winches - What are they? 

This item is used to pull or lift heavy items, and they are most commonly used to pull, automobiles, cranes, trucks, and more. They come in...